Home deliveries of alcohol is a backward step for the country's harmful drinking culture, says Alcohol Healthwatch executive director Dr Nicki Jackson.

Several companies, such as Auckland's Drinks Mates, are operating like Uber Eats and delivering booze to homes and parties at the click of a button.

Auckland Council has revealed there are now 132 companies licensed to sell alcohol online.

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Jackson says New Zealanders have a big problem with drinking and accessibility of alcohol plays a major role.

"New Zealanders do not need to top up their alcohol use," she said.

The number of people delivering alcohol was rising and it is creating a huge grey area around selling to minors and intoxicated people, she said.

Online sales prohibit deliveries between 11pm and 6am and alcohol cannot be sold to minors or people who are drunk.

"If we want to improve mental health and well-being in this country giving easier access to alcohol is probably not really in the right direction," said Jackson.