A man has been caught on camera allegedly defecating at a laundromat in Massey, sparking outrage in the West Auckland community.

The video was shared to Facebook on Wednesday by Laundromat on Chorley, who said the man had been "caught defecating behind the dryers" and appealed for information, saying they were reporting the incident to police.

"Police report will be filed tomorrow - help us identify this person to stop these incidents," they wrote.

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The video shows a man leaning over a bench inside the laundromat before disappearing behind a wall of tumble dryers, appearing moments later readjusting his clothing.

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Man caught on camera defecating behind tumble dryers at Massey laundromat. Video / Supplied

The clip was shared to a Massey community Facebook page where locals were quick to express their shock and disgust at the man's actions, labelling him a "pig", a "pest" and an "animal beast".

"That's actually feral!!!" said one woman, as users of the laundromat wrote of their shock at seeing their local defiled by the unknown man.

Others wrote that the man had been seen in the area before and questioned what would be done with him once he was found, writing that police might be "familiar with his movements".

Auckland laundromats hit the headlines earlier this year when a man was seen huffing petrol inside a tumble dryer at a Manurewa laundromat.

Locals called at the time for the young man to receive help, saying the incident was not only highly dangerous but that it was extremely sad to see another person in such a bad state.

The Herald has contacted the laundromat and police for comment.