A young child was found wandering alone on a West Auckland street after "escaping" from his home.

His worried parents spent two hours looking for him. Meanwhile a Massey resident took the child in, changed his nappy and bathed him.

She posted to a local Facebook community page that the child was found on the nearby Rehia Rd.

"My neighbours have found a baba walking the street.


"No mama or dad, he looks about 2 years old."

She added that neighbours had been door-knocking for over an hour and "no one seems to know where he's come from".

She added: "It is dark now so he is at home with me. He had a full nappy and I've had to give him a bath.

"But weary about feeding him incase of allergies but he has a little water and the police still aren't here!!!!!"

She said the child kept "asking for Dada".

Later, she said the mum had arrived at her home after searching for him for two hours.

"They are backed onto the reserve and they spent that time looking through there.

"Luckily one of the gentlemen who found him saw her driving up and down the Rd.


"He has been picked up and NO judgements made on my end. Mum cried and worried and was so relieved when she found him."

Earlier, a police spokeswoman confirmed they were responding to reports of a lost child, which had been called in at 8.30pm.