A keyboard warrior's comment calling National MP Maggie Barry a "psychopath" backfired after the politician pointed out he had "slagged off" the wrong Barry.

Instead, the comment was meant for Seven Sharp host Hilary Barry after she called the anti-vax movement "feral" on social media earlier this week.

The man's comment said: "Wow. So the psychopath Maggie Barry MP doesn't think we own our own body and children over govt?".

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To which Maggie Barry responded: "You realise in your self righteous rant that you've slagged off the wrong Barry? In fact I agree with Hilary Barry about the feral anti vaxxers and you've just proved her point."

Seven Sharp host Hilary Barry hit back at anti-vaxxers who complained about a post she shared about the
Seven Sharp host Hilary Barry hit back at anti-vaxxers who complained about a post she shared about the "feral" anti-vax movement.

Hilary Barry then tweeted a screenshot of the comments saying "correspondence of the day".

Yesterday, the news host shared a message she received from an audience member who wasn't happy about a story about vaccination that featured on Seven Sharp.

"We still have the right to disagree; to choose to medicate or not, and to free (respectful) speech. I am against vaccination and I am NOT feral," the woman wrote.

"I am a successful business woman and a perfectly normal caring person. Get off your high horse and show some respect and professionalism."

Barry hit back at the woman, explaining how she believed the anti-vax movement is "most certainly feral".

"They're like a street gang that operates on the internet trolling Facebook to spread their propaganda," Barry wrote.

"I've seen their vitriol, I've been on the end of it and so did the woman who featured in our story. So I won't apologise for something that is true.

"The World Health Organisation lists anti-vaxxers as one of the top 10 threats to global health along with Ebola.


"That is an insult every anti-vaxxer should think about."

But Barry's heavy response went viral, with anti-vaxxers slamming Barry for her opinion.