Temperatures are expected to hit 30C in Blenheim next weekend as the country gets an early dose of summer weather.

MetService meteorologist Stephen Glassey says most parts of New Zealand had fine weather over the long weekend, and the good days will return by the end of this week.

But there will be unsettled weather in between.

This long weekend hasn’t finished yet, but we are already eyeing up a ridge of high pressure that should move onto New...

Posted by MetService New Zealand on Sunday, 27 October 2019

Temperatures will be around normal for this time of year in the first part of the week but will rise well above normal at the weekend, reaching 28C in Masterton and 30C in Blenheim next Sunday.


"The air [will be] coming off Australia, they have this really large high over the Tasman, and the northerly flow on the western side of the high is dragging this warm air off Australia," Glassey said.

In Auckland, winds will change to southwesterlies today, causing a slight drop in maximum temperatures to 17C with showers from today until Thursday.

Fine weather is expected at the weekend with a maximum temperature of 20C, similar to the city's Labour weekend experience.

In Wellington and most of the South Island, a cold front moving in on Wednesday will bring a few days of showers and colder temperatures, with maximums of 15C in Wellington and 16C in Christchurch on Thursday.

But both cities will share in the good weather at the weekend, with temperatures reaching 27C in Christchurch on Sunday.

Fellow forecaster WeatherWatch said November was likely to kick off with a week of drier than normal weather in all parts of the country except the West Coast.

"Being mid-spring it's not perfectly settled [conditions], but compared to last week it's a big improvement," WeatherWatch said.

"There is some rain around this week but it's mostly light and broken up - or just falling in the form of a shower or two, or drizzle patch."


However, MetService's Glassey said there was still some more blustery spring weather to come before summer sets in properly in December.

"There may be cooler weather coming later in November. We are hinting at a colder anomaly in mid-November," he said.

"We might get warm weather next weekend, but it's not necessarily going to stick around for the rest of spring."