Fire crews are at SkyCity overnight to tackle hotspots or any flames that flare up on the convention centre rooftop after more than 55 hours battling the blaze.

The casino opened tonight and other parts of SkyCity are due to open in the morning.

Roads are still expected to be closed tomorrow and people are again being asked to work from home if possible.


Earlier today Fire and Emergency NZ said the roof area was under control and merely "smouldering" - but just before 2pm black smoke again filled Hobson St and minutes later flames could be seen on the roof.

By 2.30pm the smoke was again dying down.

Drones have been used today to look for hotspots on the now-smouldering roof, after two days battling the inferno.

It's left a haze of smoke over Auckland's CBD, with many buildings in the immediate vicinity closed again today due to the air pollution and traffic chaos.

The windy conditions in Auckland are helping the smoke dissipate but also appear to be fanning minor flareups.

Auckland Regional Public Health Service has advised people to take precautions because of lingering smoke affecting air quality across the CBD.

Firefighters have used 26 million litres of water trying to quell the inferno, according to Watercare. Dozens of cars still in the basement are likely ruined, with water up to the windows.

Auckland Council's Safeswim manager Nick Vigar is set to speak to media about the process of pumping the water out, with SkyCity staff cars believed to be the only ones affected.


Firefighters have been working tirelessly to quell the fire, with several taken to hospital as a result. Yesterday one was moderately injured after being struck by a piece of falling roof, suffering a concussion.