There's a birthday bash happening at Gull, with fuel prices slashed by an exorbitant amount but be quick, the special won't last for long.

Fuel prices throughout the country skyrocketed in July when the Government increased the fuel excise tax by 3.5 cents per litre.

But now, there's finally a reason to celebrate.

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To mark the service station's 21st birthday, Gull announced it would drop fuel prices at stations throughout the nation by 21 cents.

That's right - Gull reduced its fuel prices by 21 cents per litre.

However, while the discount was running today it wouldn't be around for long, with the special set to finish by midday tomorrow.

In Auckland, Gull Portage Rd in New Lynn was boasting a fuel price for 91 unleaded petrol of $1.92 and diesel at $1.16.

Gull Atiamuri, meanwhile, had incredibly cheap fuel today, with 91 costing customers $1.707 at the pump.

In August, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern vowed to help Kiwi motorists, announcing they had been "fleeced" at the pump for the past decade.

Prices were being kept high by a lack of competition that allowed fuel sellers to possibly earn close to $400 million a year in excess returns, a draft report by the Commerce Commission found.

"Our instinct was certainly that New Zealanders were being fleeced at the pump, now the Commerce Commission has confirmed that," Ardern said.


"I can tell New Zealanders we cannot stand by as they are facing that pressure at the pump and while they are being fleeced."