Central Auckland streets are clogged this morning as roads feeding into and from the motorway system remain closed around the SkyCity convention centre fire.

Nelson St, the main road feeding off the motorway into the western part of the central business district, is closed between Cook St and Victoria St - forcing traffic to divert into surrounding streets.

Hobson St, which feeds on to the motorway, is closed between Victoria St and Wellesley St.

Wellesley St is also closed west of Hobson St.


Auckland Transport has tweeted this morning warning pedestrians and cyclists to stay away from these streets too, noting that the Nelson St cycleway is also closed.

Spokesman Mark Hannan said it was clear that many people had heeded advice to stay away from the city centre and work from home or elsewhere today.

"We are looking out at Fanshawe St - there is less traffic on the road than usual this morning," he said.

"In the central city there is still congestion around Hobson St and Nelson St, but traffic is moving.

"We had two accidents this morning, which didn't help matters, but they were weather-related."

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Traffic was flowing normally from the North Shore and on other entry points to the city centre off the motorway system, including the port.

"If people can use the port exit, that would be better," he said.


"It really is only this western part of town. There are no issues at all elsewhere. Traffic is flowing around Victoria Park. It's really just Wellesley St, Hobson St and Nelson St."

He said public transport was "coping", although some buses have been diverted around the fire.

"We don't have any major issues with public transport. I think there are fewer people than normal have come into the city," he said.

However, Hannan said Auckland Transport was worried about congestion if Hobson St remained closed for the afternoon commute.

"If this goes into the afternoon, people should think about options for getting home. It may be a case of trying to leave early or late," he said.

"It's going to be difficult getting out of the city heading south or west."