The flip of a coin or drawing of straws could determine who steps into a Whakatāne District Council spot after two candidates gained an equal number of votes.

Galatea-Murupara ward candidates Alison Silcock and Hinerangi Goodman both received 262 votes in the recent elections. A third candidate running, Jackie Te Amo, received 164 votes.

Candidate Hinerangi Goodman. Photo / File
Candidate Hinerangi Goodman. Photo / File

According to the Local Electoral Amendment Regulations 2003, if two candidates reached a tie "... the electoral officer must determine by lot which candidate is to be declared elected."

Candidate Alison Silcock was philosophical about the tie.


"Whatever will be will be," she said. "There's not much I can do. I can't go and knock on people's doors and say, 'where's your vote?'"

Candidate Alison Silcock. Photo / File
Candidate Alison Silcock. Photo / File

She was told last night of the tie and expected to be informed today about the next steps.

Silcock said it was not the first time a tie had occurred in the area - in recent years there had been a tie in a Murupara community board.

Goodman and electoral officer Dale Ofsoske have been contacted for comment.

More to come.