Traffic came to a standstill at Auckland's Cornwall Park this afternoon as hundreds swarmed there for a glimpse of the cherry blossoms.

Auckland resident Nadia Stevens said in the 37 years she'd lived in the area she'd never seen it that busy.

Gridlock at Cornwall Park. Photo / Supplied
Gridlock at Cornwall Park. Photo / Supplied

"It was absolute carnage, cars were in complete gridlock," Stevens said.

She said the security guard who was directing the traffic told her it was the cherry blossoms.

Motorists argue at Cornwall Park.
Motorists argue at Cornwall Park.

"He said people, many who seemed to be tourists, go crazy over them."

Her family had decided to make the most of today's bliss weather by spending it at their local park. However, Stevens said she never expected their afternoon would be spent in traffic surrounded by people getting road rage.

"One guy got out of his car to have a go at this other driver saying things like 'who do you think you are', it was pretty intense."

They arrived at 2.30pm and left again at about 4.30pm today.

"From the Greenlane off-ramp to the entrance of the park it took us 20 minutes and then getting out a couple of hours later was just as bad," she said.