A "fairly significant" low-pressure system will bring a wet welcome back to school for those in the North Island this week.

And while the system will short but sharp, a second one will hit later in the week.

MetService meteorologist Stephen Glassey said the low-pressure system was currently making its way towards the North Island and will hit Northland with strong winds and heavy rain before making its way down to Auckland tomorrow.

The front has with it strong easterly winds. The MetService has also issued wind warnings for Auckland, Great Barrier Island, Coromandel and parts of eastern Waikato and Eastern Bay of Plenty.


The MetService forecast for Auckland on Monday is for rain setting in from late morning, with some heavy falls north of the city - and for easterlies winds rising to gale in the afternoon, gusting to 120km​h from evening.

By Tuesday, the rain and winds "will be just about everywhere" in the North Island before it peters out on the East Coast on Wednesday.

Meanwhile in the South Island, Marlborough will also get some rain on Tuesday, along with some cloud and showers for Canterbury.

However, it will be largely fine for the west and south of the South Island.

As the system tapers off on Wednesday, there will be a couple of more "settled" days, when the winds and rain ease, before two more fronts hit the country - one coming up from the south and another to hit Northland, before again moving south.

Image via Metvuw.com.
Image via Metvuw.com.
Image via Metvuw.com.
Image via Metvuw.com.

As for temperatures, the low pressure system was bringing with it fairly mild and humid conditions.

Wellington was likely to be one of the cooler cities as it will get hit by cold southerlies.



AUCKLAND - 16 degrees with rain to hit late morning,

HAMILTON - 15 degrees with showers to get heavy in the afternoon,

TAURANGA - 16 degrees, showers in the morning get heavy in the evening,

WELLINGTON - 16 degrees southeasterlies strengthening in the evening,

CHRISTCHURCH - 14 degrees, drizzle at times,

DUNEDIN - 14 degrees, strong northerlies.