Long-standing Invercargill City Mayor Sir Tim Shadbolt, 72, will return for another term.

Sir Tim has extended a record-breaking run as the current longest-serving mayor of any New Zealand city.

He was campaigning against three others for the top council role, and after votes closed at noon today the progress result put him at the top.

This would be his 11th term as mayor, having served two terms outside of Invercargill, meaning he will serve at least nine terms as Invercargill's mayor, reports Otago Daily Times.


He served two terms as Waitemata's mayor - from 1983 to 1989 - before starting his career as mayor of Invercargill in 1993.

He was not reelected after his first term, but won the mayoralty back in 1998 and has retained it since.

The other mayoral candidates were Becs Amundsen, Darren Ludlow and Steve Chernishov.

As of when voting closed, election returns were at 50.23%, which sits at the average for Invercargill.

While he missed out on the mayorship, Mr Ludlow said he had been re-elected for council.

"So, unfortunately this was not my time. Congratulations Mayor Tim on your re-election.

"I'm lucky enough to be back on Council and have the opportunity to serve there are another three years.

"Most grateful for the kindness and support many have given to us over recent weeks - it really has been very humbling."