Surely I can't be the only one outraged over the Rugby World Cup?

As I watched yesterday that press conference full of dismay and excuses, I failed to see a single question over the abject failure of those who decided to hold the thing in Japan, to explain just where the so-called contingencies were.

At the start of this, it was outlined very clearly that weather was an issue. One option was, of course, cancellation, and the points system was explained. But we were reassured that that was a last resort and that teams could be moved, games could be played indoors, and contingencies were in place.

So where are they? Who is covering their butt now? Is it World Rugby who were assured of plan B, and are now faced humiliatingly with a country that basically hoodwinked organisers to secure the hosting rights? Or is it the organisers who never got full and clear assurances, and there never was anything they could do?

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Were they just so desperate to get it to Japan as part of their global expansionary plans they crossed their fingers and looked the other way?

They offered the theory that the F1 could be cancelled as well, that's how bad this was. Forgetting, or choosing to forget, that F1 is annual, and has at least 20 events a year. This is rugby's global showpiece. It's once every four years.

And that's before you get to the real crimes, namely the teams whose destiny is now completely out of their hands.

Adding insult to injury it was also suggested that they didn't think this catastrophe would affect the top eight. Really? Why play the games then? Why have sport? If all we need to do is have a committee to decide outcomes, teams, training, planning, and upsets are clearly all now irrelevant. The very essence of sport, the thrill of the unknown now is placed to one side, because World Rugby knows what would have happened. What crap.

Scotland, most of all, should have lawyers in. If their game against Japan is canned they go home. And whose fault is that? The organisers want you to believe it's the weather, but it isn't. It's theirs. You either put this thing on properly or give it to someone who can.

And that's before you get to all the other sides, like the All Blacks, who would expect a hell of a lot better at their showpiece event. They can't say that, of course, but I bet you they think it.

Here's the ultimate irony, an idea designed to enhance the sport globally, is on the cusp of turning out to be the exact opposite.