A Taranaki farming family is pleading for the public to dob in the "miserable, despicable people" who stole up to $10,000 of calf food from their property on the weekend.

On Saturday night thieves entered the Gibbins' property - the old Kaimata Dairy Factory on Tarata Rd - and stole three tonnes of calf powder and calf meal.

Barbara Gibbins and her husband Murray had moved into the calf business as their egg business was struggling, Barbara wrote in a Facebook post which has been shared more than 1000 times.

The theft is another blow for the couple, with Murray already putting in 12-hour days in the egg business as well as feeding 600 calves, while awaiting a double hip replacement.


The family were putting their "heart and soul" into the calf venture so they could continue farming, Barbara wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

To the miserable, despicable people who entered our farm property last night, the old Kaimata Dairy factory on Tarata...

Posted by Barbara Gibbins on Saturday, 5 October 2019

"This morning Murray's eternal optimism has been sorely tested. So to you our friends ... we are asking you to PLEASE let us or the police know if you have seen or heard of a truck laden with our calf meal and powder; or have heard of any going cheap.

"[It's] just gutting for us as local producers and a proud, community minded family, that at least two people have entered our property, yet again and stolen from us and made our lives even tougher," she wrote.

The Gibbins believe the thieves backed their truck into the factory area where the feed was stored and loaded the three tonnes of feed by hand.

Murray told the Herald they had had two gas bottles nicked a few months ago but nothing this extreme.

He had no idea who the culprits were but said there were only two possibilities.

"It's someone who's either using it for their own calves, or someone who knows someone who would want to buy it."

The theft had left them in a difficult position but they were lucky to have some food still left in the silo, he said.


He was considering offering a reward to find the culprits. Meanwhile anyone with information should call the local police on 105, he said.

The stolen powder was the Bay Blenders brand while the meal was Reliance Calf Grower 20 per cent pellets.