The National Party says it wants to work with the Government to regulate vaping in the face of resistance from the industry.

Major vaping brands have come together to form the Vaping Trade Association of New Zealand (VTANZ), to give them a collective voice against proposed new regulations.

Associate Health Minister Jenny Salesa in September indicated the Government was considering banning most flavours of vape liquid along with other restrictions. That's after in June launching a website prompting vaping as a method for quitting smoking.

The proposal is currently being finalised.


Opposition leader Simon Bridges says the Government and Opposition need to band together to making sure vaping remains a tool for quitting smoking, and not a new habit for teens.

"With vaping companies coming together to stop restrictions, it's important Parliament comes together too," Bridges said.

"Consumers also need to an assurance on standards around vaping and that these products will not be harmful to their health."

High school principals this year backed the Government's plan to ban flavours, describing vaping as an epidemic among some teens.

"There are concerns those who wouldn't have taken up smoking are taking up vaping and schools are struggling to stop the growing trend," Bridges said.

"While it may be too late in other countries, we have a chance to deal with this in New Zealand before it gets too big."

VTANZ spokesman Ben Pryor earlier said the organisation did not oppose all regulation, but didn't want regulations to go too far.

"The Ministry of Health has indicated the proposed regulations will prohibit harmful ingredients, set quality standards for ingredients, as well as set standards for refill containers and devices. This is long overdue," he said.


But he said growing negative media sentiment from the United States was influencing political decisions.

"The noises now coming out of the Beehive are increasingly alarming ... Suddenly it's all about prohibiting all marketing, banning the most successful flavours for adults, and dramatically capping nicotine levels," Pryor said.

Comment has been sought from Salesa.