An Elvis Presley lookalike has been caught on camera stealing from a Peaches and Cream sex shop.

It is the second recent robbery at the Auckland store.

Staff at the Peaches and Cream store in New Lynn took to social media to catch the culprit - who bears a resemblance to Presley, including slicked-back hair, the King's giant sunglasses (though he opted for a high-vis vest rather than a white jumpsuit and cape).

The man is suspected of stealing a sex toy at 2pm on Monday September 23 from the Great North Rd store.


Staffer Kathryn Maher told the Herald the suspect was "vivacious", hanging around the store for about five minutes talking about the various products.

But then he put a sex toy worth $100 in his bag while distracting her.

He gave her a card to pay for another and when it declined he said he would pop outside and grab a different card.

He never returned.

"He was really vivacious. I'm not here to judge anyone, but he comes in really vivacious, and he blindsided me," Maher said.

She's had enough of the thievery and posted CCTV images of two recent suspected shoplifters on local Facebook pages to help identify them.

Maher warned she has more imagery to post and will continue to post photos of anyone caught stealing from the store, while also reporting them to police.

This transwoman appeared to know what she was after; she headed straight for the vibrating butt plugs before running out the door and into a getaway car. Photo / Supplied
This transwoman appeared to know what she was after; she headed straight for the vibrating butt plugs before running out the door and into a getaway car. Photo / Supplied

"I mean I look like an idiot but it happened so quick and before I know it he's running off down the street.


"I'm a bit over it but I love my job."

On Friday, a trans woman walked into the shop and allegedly stole a sex implement.

"She came in and I walked out the front, she put it in her bag and walked out. She just did it so quickly.

"She knew what she was after so must have been casing it for a while. I went out there and tried to open her door. I knew she'd stolen something ... I was going to jump on the boot.

"I work 13-hour days on a Friday, and it ruins your whole day. "

Maher said she felt "like an idiot" for not realising she was getting scammed by the man in a high-vis vest.

She said thefts happened fairly regularly - at least once a week - if they get caught.

However, with the help of the New Lynn Facebook page, she was pleased the woman has already been identified and her name passed on to police.

"I put it up yesterday and it's just gone crazy."

As for what she wants the thieves to do, Maher said while it was now too late to return the products it wasn't too late to pay for them.

And wearing hi-vis while stealing from a shop?

Maher said she couldn't quite understand it but said he opted for the charm offensive to go with it.

Anyone who recognises either thief is urged to contact the Peaches and Cream store or police.

Maher also issued a warning to another cheeky couple who recently stole an adjustable vibrating rabbit - the store's "tester" - while the man stole a pleasure toy.

She urged them to come back and pay for them - and reminded the woman the rabbit wouldn't last long as she didn't have the charger.

"Anything they stole I want them to pay for them ... then we will take the posts down."

A police spokesman said they have received a theft report in this matter and will be making inquiries. Anyone with information can contact police on 105 by quoting file number 190929/3083.

Information can also be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.