National leader Simon Bridges says John Tamihere has no chance of becoming Auckland's mayor.

The call comes after the right-leaning mayoral candidate courted controversy at a mayoral debate, by saying "sieg heil" at a debate and comparing rival and incumbent mayor Phil Goff to a Nazi.

Tamihere says he was calling Goff a dictator for not allowing far-right Canadian speakers at council venues.

Bridges told Radio Hauraki today that Tamihere's comment has effectively ended any chance of him unseating Goff as mayor.


"Let's be honest, in Auckland all you're getting is Phil Goff. I mean, JT has done his chips with his hopeless comments about Nazis.

"It's a hopeless situation. There's no democracy."

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But Bridges - who has previously said he would work with either candidate - says he would rather Goff doesn't win.

"I'd have a lot of trouble. I wouldn't know what to do. I know Goff's going to win.

"He's alright, but he's not great. He's a Labour Party man and I find that quite hard to tick the box on."

Bridges conceded he did know much about the other Auckland candidates, including motorsport commentator Craig Lord.

He said his personal preference was comedian Tom Sainsbury and his alter-ego Fiona, because he enjoys Sainsbury's impersonations of him.