Clarke Gayford has shared a relatable parenting mishap when he fell asleep while watching daughter Neve.

After returning from a fishing expedition in Malaysia, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's partner revealed how he ended up choking on a magnet while looking after his mischievous toddler.

"Waking from a wee jet-lag snozz on the living room floor to find myself choking on a large fridge magnet that had been put in my clearly open pie-hole, I can only conclude that a tiger has nothing on the dangers of an unwatched toddler," he wrote.

The tiger Gayford is referring to is the one his team encountered in Malaysia where he was able to capture the terrifying moment the animal began stalking his camera crew on film.


Many Kiwis on Twitter commented on the post about the unwatched toddler, with some writing that she was learning new skills to help the father out.

Others weren't too impressed by Gayford falling asleep on the floor.

However, other parents related to the father's parenting moment — saying it only takes a second for a toddler to get up to mischief.