The antics of the Kiwi adman who hired a clown to be his support person while he was being fired have made worldwide headlines.

The Herald revealed yesterday how the agency rep – who has since identified himself as Josh Thompson - took a clown to a meeting with management of FCB.

It is understood the clown made balloon animals and mimed crying during the meeting as Thompson was given his marching orders.

Thompson had been working as a copywriter at FCB, after starting employment there in April.


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News of Thompson's decision to bring in an emotional support clown has now reached as far afield as the US, India, and the UK.

USA Today Post said Thompson made sure he "had the last laugh" at the meeting, while DNA India labelled it "a bizarre but innovative move".

His story also ended up in The Telegraph and Time, and other publications.

The Sun called Thompson a "cheeky advertising exec", while the New York Post said "a support dog just wasn't going to cut it".

New York Times reporter Liam Stack shared the news on Twitter, with the line "meanwhile in New Zealand".

Washington Post's David J Lynch noted: "If I'm taking a 'clown' to a meeting where I'm getting fired, it's gonna be Pennywise."

Others shared their thoughts on social media.


Boston writer Tanya Edwards tweeted: "A hero walks among us".

Another person suggested a different approach: "I'd ask him to make dicks out of balloons, though, and throw them at whoever is there on the opposite side of the table."

"Meanwhile, the firm was so impressed, the clown starts on Monday," joked another.

A while ago, I got a job. A short while later, I lost it. For anyone who hasn’t been fired, what happens is they...

Posted by Joshua Jack on Thursday, 12 September 2019

Thompson - who has created social media accounts under the name Josh Jack, a budding comedian - told the Herald he had since returned to Australia.

He has secured a new job with DDB and is expected to start in the role next week.

In an interview on MediaWorks, Thompson admitted the choice of his support person had been a "touch unusual".

He called on the services of a clown - who he has dubbed Joe - after getting an email earlier in the week telling him "bad news, we're having a meeting to discuss your role".

"I thought it's either a promotion or worse. I thought it's best to bring in a professional and so I paid $200 and hired a clown," he told MediaWorks.

"I mean I did get fired, but apart from that it was all smooth running."

Thompson said the clown made several animals out of balloons, including a unicorn and a poodle.