An anti-vaxxer and Hamilton councillor who is campaigning for re-election is being slammed on social media for not declaring her views.

As a major measles outbreak continues to infect New Zealanders, first-term Hamilton city councillor Siggi Henry is copping flak online for not making it known in her electioneering she is a staunch anti-vaccination and anti-fluoride campaigner.

But Henry, who made headlines when she wore an anti-vaxx shirt to an Autism awareness event and for wearing a tinfoil hat to meet with then Associate Minister of Health Peter Dunne in 2017, told the Herald her views do not relate to her work as a councillor.

At least two of her fellow councillors, Dave Macpherson and Geoff Taylor - who are both also seeking re-election - have challenged Henry on Facebook, while others have been critical on Twitter.


Independent journalist Angela Cuming wrote: "Call out to Cr Siggi Henry of @CouncilHamilton for being a rabid anti-vaxxer. Nice work mate."

Taylor posted on Facebook on Thursday night that Henry had omitted the information from her candidate's flyer as she did three years ago as a candidate in the 2016 local government elections.

"Yet in her Hamilton City Council role she opposed council staff receiving free flu vaccinations and turned up to an Autism fundraising walk with a council badge and an anti-vaxx tee shirt," Taylor wrote.

Macpherson wrote on his Facebook page that Henry's views were a problem because she did not declare them.

"The problem lies not so much with her views, even the offensive ones, but with the fact that she refuses to campaign on them, hides them from questioners, but then turns around after election and promotes them."

In her first election campaign Henry was described as an "environmental activist" and many voters were unaware of her opposition to fluoridated water and vaccines.

Henry said late on Friday afternoon she had not seen the social media posts and questioned why her colleagues did not raise the issue with her face-to-face rather than on online platforms.

She said her views were personal and she was able to keep them separate from her work as a councillor.


"It's not come up in any council meeting in the last three years and I have never brought it up in any council meeting."

With the present measles outbreak I do find myself asking why west ward councillor Siggi Henry isn’t at least being...

Posted by Geoff Taylor on Thursday, 29 August 2019

Henry has sometimes been a controversial councillor.

In December 2016, shortly after being elected to the council of New Zealand's fourth largest city she was criticised for lobbying her elected colleagues and Waikato District Health Board over her anti-fluoride views.

In June 2017 she caused a stir when she said overweight people were a health risk to thin people if they fell on them, during a debate about sugary drinks.

However she said her views were not part of her election campaign.

Her flyer states in this term she has voted against high rate increases, championed environmentally friendly practices in Hamilton, chaired the waste minimisation committee, supported more cycling paths and walkways, and supported community organisations with diverse cultural backgrounds.

When asked what she would say to voters about her anti-vaxx stance given New Zealand was in the grip of a measles outbreak, she declined to comment.

Despite once posting on Facebook that the measles virus didn't exist, Henry was coy.

"These are my separate views. And I will not bring it up in council."

Meanwhile answers to a series of questions posed to all candidates are missing from Henry's candidate profile on the Hamilton City Council website.

Henry said the deadline for the answers was too short.