Hawke's Bay Hospital's maternity wing has been reopened after a chemical spill.

Fire services were called to the scene at 9.15am on Sunday and said they had closed the wing temporarily as they worked to clear it in a safe manner.

They confirmed that the chemical spilt was Formalin, a toxic, colourless solution that is produced by dissolving Formaldehyde gas in water.

Police were also at the scene to help keep the area clear and help evacuate some of the patients inside.


Fire services have advised all parts of the hospital are safe and there is no risk to patients, public and staff.

A spokesperson from Hawke's Bay District Health Board said 24 individuals had to be evacuated from the maternity ward but were all accommodated in other parts of the hospital.

The DHB will also be undertaking its own investigation as to how the spill occurred and would like to thank fire and emergency services for their support and assistance.