An Auckland woman says she received an $80 fine for using her cell phone while going through a police checkpoint.

The woman posted the photo to a local North Shore Facebook group saying she wanted to warn others that police were out checking registration and warrants of fitness in cars driving through the area.

"Got an $80 fine for taking this photo so I hope it saves someone from a ticket," the woman wrote in the post.

"Not sure why I took the photo, for interest's sake or to show son, just so many police, was stopped when I took it, wasn't planning to post but since I got a ticket for using phone I'll show it."


A number of Facebook users agreed the woman shouldn't have used her cell phone to take the photo and questioned why she felt the need to warn people.

"Shouldn't matter as long as you have WOF and rego," someone commented.

"Using a cellphone while driving through a police checkpoint? You're a special kind of stupid, aintcha," another one said.

"There's a word for this ... I'll go with Darwin Award," someone else replied.

"Should caption this photo 'what not to do at a police checkpoint'," another Facebook user said.

Police could not confirm whether the woman had been issued the fine for using her cell phone while driving through the checkpoint but a police spokesperson reinforced the message that it is never safe to use the device behind the wheel.

"The dangers and risks associated with cell phone use while driving are well known. The safety of our community is our priority. One of our focuses is to increase awareness around risks, such as cell phone use, and getting motorists to change their driving behaviour with the aim of reducing crashes and the number of victims," the spokesperson said.

"It is against the law to use your cell phone while driving, even if your vehicle is stationary such as at a traffic stop.


"Using a cell phone while in charge of a moving vehicle approaching a checkpoint with officers standing on the road is not a particularly safe or clever thing to do. Never use your cell phone while driving – no message or call is worth the risk to your safety and the safety of other motorists."