A person associated with the people who complained about a Labour Party staffer says they have no faith in the party's efforts to remedy its mistakes.

And some of the complainants have told National Party deputy leader Paula Bennett that Labour's response is not victim-led, and feels like policy on the hoof.

Seven formal complaints about bullying and intimidating behaviour were laid with the party about a Labour staffer who works in the parliamentary precinct.

The party internally investigated the complaints in March and decided not to take any disciplinary action.


After the complainants questioned the conduct of the investigation, the party reviewed the processes that were meant to have improved in the wake of the infamous Young Labour summer camp last year.

On Monday Labour Party president Nigel Haworth invited the complainants to appeal the findings of the party's internal investigation.

Today he told the Herald that Maria Dew, QC, would hear those appeals.

The party would also fund legal advice and emotional support, but a person associated with the complainants, who did not want to be identified, told the Herald that support was "too expensive for them six months ago".

"This process has never once been victim supported. I see it as a way to silence us, not allow us to feel heard," the person said.

"At the moment, things feel like it's all a part of the cover-up."

Bennett said she was told by complainants that they didn't think Labour's response was good enough.

"They feel it's just more of the same, a policy and process conjured up on the hoof without any consideration given to how an appeal process should be run."

Bennett said they believed the final decision would still ultimately rest with the party's ruling New Zealand council, which they felt had been influenced by the alleged perpetrator and those supporting him.


The complainants had yet to decide whether they would take up the offer to appeal, she said.

Haworth declined to comment further.

"We need to allow the appeal process to run its course and we want be making further comment until any appeals are completed."

On Tuesday Ardern said that the party could have handled the complaints better.

"It hasn't been dealt with as well it could have," Ardern told NewstalkZB.