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It's been more than three months since we launched NZ Herald Premium digital subscriptions - our expanded business, political and investigative journalism, insightful analysis and commentary and international content.

Welcome to all of our new subscribers: your support in our quest to find new revenue streams to help support the future of quality journalism is deeply appreciated.

If you're yet to join us, we wanted to show you what you're missing - here's a selection of the best stories from our journalists, and from our global publishing partners including the New York Times and Financial Times, from the last week.

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Underbelly: Aussie deportees busted in NZ's largest meth haul

Matthew Hooton: The PM and petrol - this is the price she should really have

Creaming it: a2 Milk's steady rise to the top

Audrey Young: How latest privacy breach will impact on PM's Government


It's not always excellent to be Jamie Oliver

Patrick McKendry: The unsung All Black who could take World Cup by storm

Cash for convictions: Police offer more than $1.65 million in rewards

Liam Dann dives into the weird world of negative interest rates
1. How much is a subscription?

For $5 a week - and $2.50 a week for the first eight weeks as a special introductory offer - our digital subscribers can access an incredible range of investigative stories, in depth analysis and commentary, and an expanded range of journalism from international mastheads including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph (UK) and The Times (UK).

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Our five-, six- and seven-day NZ Herald and regional newspaper subscribers have automatic, free access to Premium. Those with weekend or part-week newspaper subscriptions receive a discount.

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3. How do I find Premium stories?

While much of our journalism, including breaking and "commodity" news, will remain free on, you'll be able to easily recognise a Premium story - it's tagged with a gold "Premium" label.

As well as the Premium articles highlighted on our homepage, here's some easy bookmarks to delve into the brilliant range of articles:

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When you become a signed-up subscriber - and activate your account - you'll also start seeing the Premium content on the NZ Herald app. For now, non-subscribers can't see or access Premium content on the app.

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5. Why have we launched Premium?

It's no secret that the media industry, the world over, is facing headwinds. It's no different in New Zealand.

Digital subscriptions open a new revenue stream for us to help fund the future of quality journalism.

While the majority of the content on will remain free - this is critical as we also support a mass-market model for our readers and advertisers - we believe it is important that we place a stake in the ground to help support the very best, unique and exclusive journalism.

It's not cheap to fund quality journalism - it takes time, resource and effort to expose the truth, make a difference and fight for the public. Your digital subscription will help fund our newsrooms well into the future, just as our loyal print subscribers have done for the past century (and in the case of the NZ Herald, for the past 156 years).

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