A woman is still unsure if she has Hepatitis C after a Rotorua man with the disease stabbed her with his used needle.

Wayne Maney, 47, is facing 12 charges in the Rotorua District Courts relating to incidents involving the woman and two others between February and June last year.

Maney is in the process of transitioning to become female has Hepatitis C as well as an extensive criminal history, and was heavily addicted to methamphetamine at the time.

He will be sentenced on October 11 after pleading guilty to the charges, the details of which have been revealed in court documents provided to the Rotorua Daily Post.


He is charged with assault with a weapon, threatening to do grievous bodily harm, male assaults female, threatening to kill, theft, possession of cannabis for supply, three counts of wounding with intent to injure and three counts of unlawful detention.

Three charges related to a woman who allowed Maney to temporarily move into her spare room on February 19, 2018.

In the three days that followed, Maney accused the complainant of stealing his belongings, smashed her phone against a brick wall and confronted her friends, throwing a pedestal fan at one and threatening another with a butcher's knife.

Maney said things like "I really want to hurt you" and called her names like "white skanky trash" and "mutton dressed as lamb".

He broke a crystal bowl belonging to the woman's grandmother, threw a coffee mug at the woman and showed the complainant a hypodermic needle. He told her "this is HIV" before making her clean up the crystal.

"The defendant pulled her hair and held the hypodermic needle to her head," the summary said.

Wayne Maney, 47, will be sentenced in the Rotorua District Court in October. Photo / File
Wayne Maney, 47, will be sentenced in the Rotorua District Court in October. Photo / File

Maney refused to let the woman leave for about two hours, telling her the Mongrel Mob would hurt her and "I'm going to cut your head off".

The woman was afraid Maney would stab her with the needle if she tried to leave.


He stomped on her foot and the injury later became infected, taking two months to heal and scarring.

The incident finished when the woman's ex-partner texted her saying he was on the way and Maney left.

Five charges relate to the second complainant who met with Maney on May 31 last year.

He accused her of taking things from him twice. When she denied it Maney punched and kicked her and threw her on the ground. He stabbed the woman with hypodermic needles and verbally abused her.

"Every time the complainant made a noise the defendant would hit her again.

"The complainant lost consciousness on several occasions and the defendant splashed water on her to wake her up."

He also locked the door, preventing the woman from leaving banging her head against a door when she did try to leave.

The assaults went on for two hours, after which Maney made the woman clean up broken glass and her own blood.

Then, Maney, who was under bail conditions to not drive, drove the woman's car to two locations, the second an address near Pohutukawa Dr. Maney told her it was the home of a "mobster" and he was going to kill her.

The woman fled, running through private properties before seeking refuge at a daycare.

The woman suffered extensive bruising and cuts to her face, back and limbs as well as needle prick injuries.

According to the summary, it is unknown whether the complainant has contracted Hepatitis C from the needles.

On June 1 police executed a search warrant and found several of the complainant's personal items.

In June Maney was visited by the third complainant. During the visit Maney made up several small bags of methamphetamine hiding them in a Kinder Surprise egg.

Later, when Maney couldn't find the methamphetamine, he accused the third complainant of taking it saying "if you have pinched my s*** you better give it back or you won't be leaving this house alive".

The woman denied it so Maney backhanded her, pushed her into a chair and began verbally abusing her.

Maney threatened her with a 30cm knife and poked her in the back with it when she tried to leave.

Over the next two hours, he kicked her in the legs and body, stabbed her with a knife in the head above her left ear and arm, stabbed her in the arm using scissors, grabbed her hair and shook her head and hit her in the head with a broom.

Maney told her to wipe up her own blood using her hoodie.

At one point Maney tapped her with the knife and said: "You aren't leaving this house alive, you stole my $1000 of crack, I want my $1000 back."

He told her "The more you moan and cry the harder I'm going to be. I'm going to put you in the hospital. I'm going to make sure that if I go to jail I'm going to make it worth it".

The defendant later found his methamphetamine in his own underwear.

Before letting the woman go Maney burned her jacket, hoodie, skivvy, passport, phone and phone case and $170 forcing the woman to watch wearing only tights and a bra.

Maney gave the woman a shirt and told her if she sought medical attention or spoke with police he would send the Mongrel Mob for her and her family.

The woman suffered penetrating injuries, bruising and cuts on her whole body.

Maney's possession of cannabis for supply charge relates to drugs found during a search warrant on June 8.