John Banks has confirmed he will not be having another tilt at becoming Auckland mayor.

In a statement to the Herald, Banks said he had made the decision that after "discussion and deliberation with colleagues, friends and family - and based on valuable political research".

Banks said that from the beginning of this year he had worked with "other like-minded people to approach and assist" other mayoral candidates to see if they were interested in running for the job.

"They all declined to do so, which led me to then explore my own possible candidacy," he said.


"This is because I have seen it as my duty to raise important issues and solutions to the various challenges that Auckland faces. As someone who cares deeply about Auckland, it has been frustrating to see inaction and bad decisions, and I am absolutely convinced there is a need for change in Auckland's leadership. Auckland is crying out for new ideas and better executive leadership."

Banks said research that had been commissioned had placed him as the "second most preferred potential candidate" as mayor.

But he added: "The research also showed that much of my support would come from collapsing John Tamihere's support, and not enough from Phil Goff. This would ultimately be counterproductive for any efforts to seek the change that Auckland desperately needs.

Banks, in a Herald opinion piece this week, said a great Auckland could "no longer be a dream".

"The time has come for change," he said.

You and your family are being taken for a ride by this mayor and his council. We are witnessing unforgivable spending blowouts and rate increases," Banks said.

"The regime has neglected consultation and local democracy. Citizens of Auckland have less say than ever. Auckland deserves a mayor who insists the voice of the people is the loudest in the room. We need to reject a mayor who only promises costly reviews. Auckland needs a mayor of action."