An exasperated Christchurch dairy owner has been struck by thieves twice in three days.

The Templeton community has rallied around Kirk Rd dairy owner Anthony Jung and one company has donated a steel roller door to protect his corner store.

Jung said the most recent ram raid and burglary on Friday and Sunday were incredibly frustrating.

In the four years that he has owned the store there had been two armed robberies, five burglaries and several attempts, he said.


But he does not want to give up on the store that once belonged to his mum.

"I really like this neighbourhood," Jung said.

"We know a lot of people around Templeton and it is a very tight-knit community."

Instead Jung said he would like to re-apply for a fog cannon funded by the Government, hoping this time he would have more luck.

On Friday morning, his corner store was the victim of a ram-raid about 2.30am.

"I knew something was wrong so I called 111 and rushed to the shop," he said.

"It [the ram-raid] created a big mess in front of the shop."

Then on Sunday morning, thieves hit again as a group of four repeatedly struck at the shop door until they burst through.


"If you watch the footage it doesn't look like New Zealand. It looks like there is no law," Jung said.

Neighbour Hannah Hunter has started a Givealittle page for Jung, saying she is absolutely gutted for him.

She said the community wanted to keep the dairy, especially as the only other nearby store was further down Main South Rd.

"We are quite secluded here. We are a little community, we need the dairy."

After the latest burglary Jung was looking ready to give up, she said.

"I said 'We need to help and we will. Do not worry'."

Hunter was with her father at the store helping clean up this afternoon.

"They are overwhelmed by all the help and support they have got. It's really nice."

He was absolutely chuffed about the roller door, she said.

"We were nearly crying."