An hours-long standoff at Christchurch Men's Prison is over after the final three prisoners surrendered to Corrections officers.

Seven prisoners were originally involved in the standoff, after they were escorted to a yard for recreation time around 8.30am,

They refused to go into the yard but would not return to their cells, Southern Regional Commissioner Ben Clark said.

About 10am four of the prisoners had surrendered and were secured, but the remaining three held out for another three hours before giving up.


Clark said earlier that staff were trying to calm the remaining prisoners down, and they were not being aggressive.

"Thanks to the negotiation carried out by staff, no force was required and no one was injured. The prisoners did not behave aggressively and there was no damage to prison property," Clark said after the remaining men were secured.

"We'll be carrying out a review of the incident, and those involved are likely to be charged with misconduct and may have their security classification reviewed."