An Auckland man who threatened to throw a rock at, and stab, his property manager has been kicked out of his rental.

The Tenancy Tribunal found that Abdellah Abaid was a "passionate man" but he took it too far by threatening his property manager with a rock and telling him he would stab him.

The hearing came about after Abaid's property manager, Calvin Yates of Barfoot and Thompson, popped into his Mt Wellington flat, unannounced, to check on repairs on June 20 as he was in the area.

Abaid was unimpressed with the visit, especially as he had sent Yates an email the previous day stating he no longer wanted to deal with him.


Yates, who told the tribunal he was unaware of the email, said that as he left Abaid's flat, he picked up a rock and began shouting.

"Mr Yates claims when he got in his car Mr Abaid stood between him and the open car door with a small rock raised above his head, screaming at him."

He couldn't recall the language used but said it involved profanities and an accusation that he was a racist.

Abaid stood back after about 20 seconds, allowing Yates to leave.

Abaid denied Yates' version of events. He admitted picking up the rock but said he threw it to one side because it was by the door and wasn't done in a threatening way.

Barfoot's receptionist Kelsey Evans also testified that she received a phone call from Abaid the same day in which she claimed he said, "Next time I see him I'm going to break his head in .. he's lucky I didn't do it this time. If I ever see him again I'm going to stab him, I'm serious".

The tribunal said that Abaid presented as a "passionate man with strong views and capable of vigorous expression".

"I doubt he is generally a violent or aggressive person. However, I am satisfied ... he threatened Mr Yates with a rock and then threatened him in a phone call."


The Tenancy Tribunal adjudicator urged Abaid not to let himself down again in this fashion.

"It is fine to have strongly held views and express them passionately or sternly, but that must not give way to violence or threats of violence."

The eviction was granted on July 1 and Abaid given until July 28 to find new accommodation.