Everyone complains about Auckland Transport. Why is that? I went to see Shane Ellison, the AT chief executive. I wanted to ask him the questions everyone keeps asking. I want to work out what AT's

1. Why is congestion getting worse?

2. But we're still stuck in traffic. Why aren't they building more roads?


3. So how do you explain the Waterview tunnel?

4. How's progress on sealing the gravel roads?


5. Those T2 and T3 lanes are a waste of space, aren't they?

6. Yeah, but the bus lanes are empty.

7. Why all the focus on the city centre?

8. What's happening with light rail?

9. But the CRL is all about downtown.

10. Why doesn't AT help retailers affected by construction?

11. Why are e-scooters so dangerous?

12. AT wants to reduce many streets to 30km/h. Won't that be too slow?

13. Why reduce the speed limit on Nelson St and Hobson St? They're motorway ramps.

14. Okay, so why has nothing been done to make them safer for pedestrians?

15. Why all the new speed bumps and raised-table pedestrian crossings?

16. Why doesn't the bus come down my street any longer?

17. Why is the bus network worse in poorer parts of town?

18. Buses and trains are free to big rugby games. Why don't they do that for concerts?

19. Why keep building cycle lanes? No one uses them.

20. Okay, so why aren't there more cycleways?

21. Why doesn't AT ever listen to anyone?

22. Yes, but does the consultation process need attention?

23. Why is AT so shy of public meetings?

24. Does AT need a better communications strategy?

25. Is AT out of control and anti-car?

The 3 core concepts of transport planning in Auckland