Olivia Fairhurst

Despite Auckland being hammered by winter chills over the past few days, daffodils and snowdrops have sprung to life in the city.

Daffodils and snowdrops are in bloom at historical Auckland residence Alberton.

Both daffodils and snowdrops usually bloom in early spring – but at Alberton "they've been earlier and earlier" each year, says Alberton manager Randell McIntosh.


The rare winter daffodils and snowdrops sit a mere seven metres apart from one another.

The strange acts of the flowers began in 2015 and 2016 when the first daffodil bloomed on July 22, followed by July 13 in 2017 and July 11 last year.

But this year, the first daffodil at Alberton bloomed on Friday, two months before its usual blooming season begins.

Daffodils have bloomed early at Alberton House in Mt Albert Road. Photo / Supplied
Daffodils have bloomed early at Alberton House in Mt Albert Road. Photo / Supplied

The early bloomers have been showing off their splendour despite a chilly, and at times wet, blast over the last few days.

New Zealanders woke to a brisk Saturday morning after temperatures dipped overnight. Mount Cook Airport faced the coldest temperature in the country – a low -4.7C.

The low temperatures came as a result of a cold southerly flow moving across the country, mostly affecting inland places.

It will remain chilly on Sunday, and windy for most of the country.

But the temperatures are expected to warm slightly in the North Island from Monday on the first official day of the school holidays.


On Monday, Aucklanders can expect a high of 15C, with brisk southwesterlies, cloudy periods and afternoon showers. Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington can expect similar conditions, but Wellington's high is slightly lower at 11C.

The South Island will face chillier temperatures. Christchurch is set for cloudy periods, southwesterlies and a high of 10C, and Queenstown can expect early frosts, southerly winds and a high of 9C.

While Dunedin residents should get their brollies at the ready, as they're expecting showers, potential snow flurries and strong south westerlies gradually easing.