A tenant has won more than $2000 in compensation after a property owner repeatedly broke in and damaged the home she was living in.

Hamilton tenant Cristal Bader found she needed a security camera to prove that the break-ins were occurring in the Hamilton house which was subject to a relationship property dispute.

Co-owner Rachael Ann McGill was breaking into the home, damaging the house on two occasions and took a security camera, according to a Tenancy Tribunal report.

Bader had purchased the camera on June 16 last year, which recorded McGill and a man at the premises on this date.


A second photo would later show the same man removing the camera on January 11.

This was not disputed by the property's co-owner Steven Bird who agreed in a letter dated February 1 that McGill's actions were "entirely unacceptable" and breached the tenant's privacy.

He added that he was fully supportive of replacing the camera.

Due to the break-ins Bader felt unsafe living at the premises with her young daughter and reported the incident to the police.

A window latch and door were damaged during McGill's break-ins, according to the tribunal report, making it impossible to fully secure the house.

"Ms Bader is unable to use either of the rooms for her child's bedroom as they are
cold because the door and window cannot be shut properly, and she is also
concerned for their safety."

The Tenancy Tribunal in Hamilton ordered McGill and Bird to pay Bader $2470 in compensation.

The sum comprised the camera replacement, $650, loss of amenity, $1040, and loss of peace and privacy, $780.


The door and window latch were to be repaired by July 14 - if the repairs
are not completed by this date, then the landlord must pay the tenant an additional $1500.