A man and his dog have been rescued from a West Coast cave after being trapped around eight metres down for about three hours.

Emergency services were first alerted of the incident shortly after 3pm. The pair were rescued earlier this evening by Cave Search and Rescue (CaveSAR).

The 49-year-old became trapped after his dog went into the cave near Limestone Track, Marsden.

The man and his dog were rescued from the cave around 6.30pm and St John report the man was uninjured, the status of the dog is unknown.


Earlier today, a Fire and Emergency New Zealand spokesman said the location of the cave made the rescue effort difficult.

"[The cave] is approximately 500 metres from any vehicle," he said.

Safety lines were secured to the cave by the fire service and emergency services were delayed as they waited for a CaveSAR team to arrive.

Sergeant Mark Kirkwood was thankful the incident had a happy ending but warned others to be prepared when going into bush.

"It's crucial to be prepared when going into bush, the West Coast has numerous caves and mineshafts," he said.

"It's important to keep an eye on the weather, wear appropriate clothing and make sure too you are with a companion.

"Police would like to thank volunteers who showed up at short notice."