Two teenagers are being praised by police after they were rescued at Lambton Harbour from the water following the sinking of their boat.

Police first received reports around 9.05am about the pair, aged 16 and 17, who were in the water close to a sinking ski boat.

The boat, which had a foot controlled throttle, began to sink when water generated from the wake came over the rear when the skipper slowed down.

Sergeant Richard Kennedy of the Wellington Police Maritime Unit said the boat sank in a matter of seconds and the teenagers were smart to wear their lifejackets.


"Fortunately they were both wearing lifejackets and chose a good day to go out on the water having checked the weather forecast," he said.

The teenagers also had a portable marine VHF radio with them, however, it was lost in the water.

Kennedy said the boat was recovered and the teenagers came away from the incident unharmed.

"A ski boat is not something easily driven and they've been given some good boating and water safety advice," he said.

"If you are going out on the water, make sure to always wear a lifejacket and tell someone where you're going.

"It's also a great idea to take a waterproof cellphone or a phone in a sealed plastic bag."