Police are investigating three separate incidents in Auckland where three victims were assaulted with a hockey stick.

The investigation comes after the Herald reported on an Indian man who was assaulted and subjected to racial slurs in Sandringham last Monday.

Acting Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Franich said police are investigating three incidents in the Sandringham and Epsom areas.

All three incidents occurred on Monday, June 3, and are believed to be linked.


The first incident took place shortly after midnight when a group of four males approached a man on King George Ave, in Epsom.

One of the offenders struck the man with a hockey stick and stole the victim's mobile phone. The offenders fled in a silver Subaru Legacy station wagon.

At approximately 1.20pm that day, a man was also approached on Haverstock Rd, in Sandringham by three unknown males – one of whom was carrying a hockey stick - and assaulted by two of the men.

Around the same time, another man reported that a group of males in a silver vehicle approached him on Locarno Ave, and punched him multiple times before decamping in a silver vehicle.

Franich said police believe these incidents are connected, but not racially motivated.

"After speaking with all three victims police are satisfied that race was not the motivation behind these incidents," he said.

"We believe these attacks were random in nature, where the offenders targeted people who were isolated and on their own.

"We want to hear from anyone who witnessed any of these incidents or saw a silver Subaru station wagon in the Sandringham or Epsom areas on June 3 and came into any contact with its occupants."

Last week, one of the victims told the Herald he was walking through Sandringham on Monday when he was violently attacked by three men.

"As I crossed the pedestrian crossing a car with young guys in it tried to hit me," said the man, who did not want his name published.

"They were going about 50-60km/h … they drove at me, I think their intention was to hit or scare me.

"I tried to ignore them and get across the road, I just thought they were immature."


He walked down Fowlds Ave and into Locarno Ave.

"Then I realised they had followed me … they got out of the car, three guys, and they started punching me," the victim recalled.

"They were beating me all over - my head, neck, stomach, chest, all parts of my body.

"I started screaming for help … after 10 to 20 seconds they did what they had wanted to do.

"As they were going back to the car they yelled some words at me - bad words, it was racist and I would not even be able to speak the words or tell you because they were terrible."

The attackers drove off and the man, after clocking the car's registration number, made his way home to call the police.

His wife was horrified and he was still in shock.

"I am thankful that I am fine, that I am home," he said.

"I have some pain in my body but it is bearable … it could have been much worse."

• Anyone with information is asked to contact Avondale Police on 09 302 6400 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.