Police want to hear from the public after a man walking his dog had his jaw broken and was knocked out in what they are describing as an unprovoked attack.

The man and his dog were at the Kakamatua Inlet in Cornwallis, West Auckland, on Sunday morning when he was kicked in the head as he bent down to place a lead on his dog, police said in a media release tonight.

The incident occurred about 10.30am after the man's dog ran towards two boys who were also with a dog on the beach, where dogs are allowed off-leash and which is considered one of the best dog beaches in Auckland.

A man with the boys had then approached the man, police said.


"[The man] kicked him in the head, knocking the man unconscious in an unprovoked attack before leaving the scene.

"The man received a broken jaw and required treatment in hospital."

A Facebook user wrote on a West Auckland group this week that the incident occurred after the injured man's dog had knocked over a boy who ran across the dog's path on the beach.

Police said last night they wanted to hear from anyone who had seen the man who was with the two boys.

He was described as Caucasian, aged about 40, with dark hair and a heavy build.

One of the boys was aged around eight to 10, and both boys had blond hair. The dog with the boys was described as a golden curly-haired dog, similar to a Labradoodle breed.

Anyone who might know the group should call Henderson police on (09) 839 0600.

Information can also be shared anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.