Whangārei police had an unusual call out this morning - a herd of cows were on the loose and running around a school field and nearby rugby paddock.

Police were called to Horahora about 8am this morning after reports of cattle on the lose.

The cows were first spotted in Hora Hora School and they then moseyed along to the nearby Hora Hora Rugby ground where police corralled the beasts.

The cattle - which seemed to be led by a '"stroppy" brown cow - were then herded back through the school on to a field and animal control officers were called.


There was a worry that the cattle could wander onto Maunu Rd and cause commuter chaos, but the cops did okay at corralling them up and away from danger.

Hora Hora school principal Pat Newman said the beasts had kept the children entertained and it was lucky some members of the constabulary obviously had experience in handling wandering stock.