OPINION by Vera Alves

Kiwis remember it well when self-apppointed bishop Brian Tamaki blamed the Christchurch earthquake on gay people and New Zealand's passing of the marriage equality bill.

Just last month, he also spoke publicly in support of Israel Folau's hateful comments towards gay people. It appears these are a couple of reasons why New Zealanders are not buying Tamaki's recent apology to the rainbow community.

Tamaki, who recently announced the launch of his political party, Coalition New Zealand, yesterday apologised to the rainbow community.


The bishop of his Pentecostal fundamentalist Christian church this week asked up to 50 members of the rainbow community to attend and speak at an event during the church's conference last night.

Taking the stage, Tamaki said: "I want to personally say to anyone in your community that has been hurt. I want to say sorry."

Kiwis on Twitter have slammed this move as a clear "PR stunt", pointing out the time Tamaki referred to the rainbow community as "crybaby gays".

For Kiwis, it seems actions speak louder than words and, although Tamaki is now saying he welcomes the rainbow community, New Zealanders say he needs to show it as well as say it.

Taking to Twitter, people have shut down Tamaki's comments, calling it a "cynical and disingenuous attempt to find favour now" after the launch of his political party.

The bishop last night expressed his desire to attend the next Big Gay Out.