Sitting down for morning tea with a cuppa in his hands, the latest Lotto winner was having a normal conversation with his workmates when he decided to check his ticket online.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, pulled out his phone and watched silently as each of the numbers on his ticket were circled.

"Ding, ding, ding, they all just lined up. Then I saw I had the Powerball number as well — it was incredible!" he said.

"I was buzzing with excitement on the inside, but I managed to keep it together and no one suspected a thing."


Then, with the number $9.2 million sprawled across his screen steering back at him, the man kept his cool and carried on with the conversation.

Going back to his desk, he made sure everything was in order before heading out to his car to call Lotto NZ's head office.

"I made sure all the windows and doors were closed and then I called to check if I was the winner — I was so excited," he said.

"When they told me I was, I was in so much shock. It's crazy to think I was just having coffee with friends and now I'm a multi-millionaire."

The $9.2 million Powerball prize has now officially been claimed and the man is currently thinking about how to spend his winnings.

"It hasn't sunk in at all yet, but I do know I want to help out friends and family and buy a house — it's a life-changer!" he said.

"There are also a few charities I would like to donate to as well. It feels great to be able to be in a position to help."

Asked whether he would return to work tomorrow, the man said "most definitely".


"We have a running joke at work that if any of us ever won Lotto that we wouldn't be in the next day— well, I guess I've already broken that promise as I was in bright and early today!" he said.

The latest win means Powerball First Division has been won for the ninth time this year.

More than half of the winning tickets have been bought online via MyLotto.

Powerball First Division wins this year

• May 22, $9.2 million, MyLotto

• May 1, $5.5 million, Taipa Foodmarket

• April 24, $5.3 million, MyLotto

• April 17, $16.2 million, MyLotto

• March 13, $11 million, Unichem Stortford Lodge

• February 16, $5.5 million, MyLotto

• February 9, $8 million, MyLotto

• January 26, $10 million, Feilding Video Centre

• January 2, $22.3 million, Inglewood Bookcentre