Not all heroes wear capes, but one police officer has been hailed as a legend after he tracked down a thief who took off with a stolen mobility scooter and returned it to its owner.

On Tuesday a mobility scooter was stolen a Gisborne area.

A day later, police were conducting unrelated inquiries when they entered a property and discovered the missing mobility scooter.

The inquiries related to a person who had fled from a stolen car, police said.


"The man was found hiding at an address in the area and an arrest was made.

"Fortunately, officers also found the stolen mobility scooter at the same address."

While locating the mobility scooter was a success for police, there was no way of transporting the scooter back to its owner.

So Constable Robb did what only he knows best by jumping on the scooter and riding it 35min to its owner.

Police said it was an unconventional way to return stolen goods, but members of the public saw the funny side.

"From the toots received en route, it appears the general public also appreciated something.

"Sadly, with the destination still a little way off the scooter ran out of juice.

"Constable Robb dismounted his trusty steed and pushed it the rest of the way to a very grateful owner."

"Sadly, with the destination still a little way off the scooter ran out of juice." Photo / NZ Police

Locals who witnessed the police driving the scooter down the road poked fun at the situation while thanking the constable for his efforts.

"That is so awesome coppers, should have got the thief to push it with you in it, or drag the sad bugger down the road," one person said.

Another wrote: "Latest police car to catch the elderly. Only in New Zealand eh!"