Two people have been arrested after a group of students trashed a residential hall at Victoria University.

The incident, on Thursday evening, has left a resident of the accommodation fearing for her safety.

A police spokesperson said they received a report of wilful damage at an address in Kelburn, Wellington, shortly before 11pm.

The Te Puni Village resident said around 20 people went on a "rampage" through the hall, destroying property and terrorising residents.


She claimed the group opened doors to people's rooms, abused residents, and smashed ceiling tiles, plates and ceramics.

The student said she was increasingly worried for her safety at the hall.

Victoria University director of student and campus living Rainsforth Dix confirmed a group of about 7-8 people entered the hall and caused some damage to hall ceiling panels.

"The group were all students - none were residents of Te Puni Village or any other hall of residence," he said.

"A duty manager was on site and called a security guard, who arrived quickly and remained on site the rest of the night.

"We ensured that at no stage were any halls of residence students in danger. However some were understandably upset by the incident and support was provided to any students who needed it."

The university is still investigating the incident.

Police said two males were arrested in relation to the incident, one for wilful damage and the other for wilful trespass.