Mongrel Mob events will be allowed to continue atop of one of Hawke's Bay's top tourist destinations.

A meeting between gang leadership, Hastings Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst, police and the Te Mata Park Trust Board was called after a Mob event caused the top of the peak to be closed on Saturday, May 5.

Hazlehurst described the meeting, which took place on Monday, as positive.

Members of the Mob on top of Te Mata Peak for a gang ceremony. Photo / Facebook
Members of the Mob on top of Te Mata Peak for a gang ceremony. Photo / Facebook

"This morning we had a very positive meeting with police, Te Mata Park Trust and leaders of the Mongrel Mob to see how we manage big gatherings at the top of Te Mata Peak going forward.


"We are all adamant that Te Mata Peak remains accessible for everyone in Hawke's Bay and our visitors.

"We focused on forming good management plans for future gatherings."

Hastings Mongrel Mob leader Rex Timu told Hawke's Bay Today last week, that the event was bigger than expected, due largely to families coming to the event.

He said they have been holding ceremonies on top of the Peak for about 20 years, but they are normally held at night when there a fewer members of the public around.

However, they had scheduled the ceremony earlier in the day due to members' work commitments.

Hastings-Havelock North ward councillor Damon Harvey said he did not support the continued use of Te Mata Peak for patching ceremonies.

"I understand that the park is a public place and we currently can't stop the ceremonies from happening, but they should be treated like any other group that has to apply to the Park Trust to use the park to host an event.

"They should also follow all council protocols and processes and should leave the place tidy."