It's not every day you receive a letter from the Prime Minister of New Zealand, but for one 11-year-old that's exactly what happened after she tried to bribe Jacinda Ardern.

Schoolgirl Victoria had been showing a keen interest in dragons and psychics when she requested the Government allocate funds into researching the mythical creature.

Victoria's brother posted to Reddit, explaining his sister wanted the Government to give her psychic powers so she could train dragons if they discovered any.

So the 11-year-old sent a letter to the Prime Minister with her requests, including a $5 note.


And on April 30, Ardern decided to respond to Victoria's request by sending her an official ministerial letterhead as well as her own handwritten message.

"Thank you for getting in touch with the Government," the letter stated.

"We were very interested to hear your suggestions about psychics and dragons, but unfortunately we are not currently doing any work in either of these areas.

"I am therefore returning your bribe money, and I wish you all the very best in your quest for telekinesis, telepathy and dragons.

"Thanks again for writing!" Ardern said with Victoria's $5 note attached to the letter.

She then picked up the pen and wrote her own handwritten message to Victoria.

"PS. I'll still keep an eye out for those dragons. Do they wear suits?"

The letter has been shared across multiple social media platforms, receiving thousands of comments from fans of both Victoria and Ardern.


One person suggested Victoria put in an official information act request about what the Government knows about the topic, while others praised her for her creativity.

"The dragon and telekinesis lobby is gaining momentum in NZ," one joked.

"Wow! I congratulate this young person for taking the initiative to try & do something that she was passionate about, don't lose that spirit girl!" another said.

Others turned their focus to Ardern, praising the Prime Minister for taking the time to respond to Victoria.

"Only our prime minister would reply to something like this. She's pretty awesome," one wrote.

Another said: "This is so adorable! I'm not much of a Jacinda fan as I don't agree with her politics, but the way she conducts herself and treats human beings is the mark of a good leader."

Others suggested Victoria's brother should take the letter, frame it, and present it to her as a 21st present.

It's not the first time Ardern has responded to a young girl's letter.

In March, the Prime Minister personally thanked an 8-year-old for her "lovely note" about banning dangerous guns.

The Dunedin girl, named Lucy, wrote to Ardern telling her she thought it was a good idea to ban dangerous guns from New Zealand.

Ardern then responded, telling Lucy her kind words of support and encouragement had really helped her and praised her.

"I can tell from your letter that you are a kind and compassionate girl, Lucy, and I would just like to encourage you to keep spreading that kindness throughout your life.

"Together we can make sure that we don't let that kind of hatred grow and turn into violence."