Police have shared a friendly reminder of their 111 text service as Kiwis celebrate New Zealand Sign Language Week.

On social media, police shared a video explaining in sign language that those that have hearing and/or speech difficulties are not alone and that there is a text service to help those in an emergency.

"For a number of New Zealanders, their world is filled with silence," an officer signs.

"New Zealand Police want you to know your voice is just as loud as everyone elses'.


"If you know anyone who has difficulty hearing or talking on the phone, let them know about the 111 text service."

According to their website, the emergency communications service is only available for those who are deaf, hearing or speech impaired and users must register online to be able to use it.

When texting in an emergency, users need to identify the type of emergency (fire, medical or police), their location, what happening and how long ago the incident occurred.

If the user needs police, police may text back follow-up questions as they make their way to the texter.

Users are also told to follow instructions police send through.

However, the website has pointed out that there may be network delays at the time a person texts in and if not responded within two minutes, they should find another way of contacting police.

Learn more about New Zealand's 111 text service.