They have hurt people in the most awful ways. Crimes include murder and rape, while others have broken promises of fidelity.

Yet the women who love them have stuck by their side. Why? Cherie Howie and Carolyne Meng-Yee investigate.

She's there every day, and usually the only person sitting in the public gallery.

Immaculately dressed, poised, her lips forming a small smile as he enters the dock, flanked by a security guard, and glances back towards her.

As she watches lawyers argue whether or not the man she loves tried to covertly record people in a unisex bathroom, she rarely stirs.

If she feels any disgust at the allegations against her partner, former Assistant Chief of Navy Alfred "Fred" Keating, she doesn't show it.


When Judge Robert Ronayne calls the lunch break, the couple regularly leave Auckland District Court,

An emotional betrayal