Don't pack your raincoats and gumboots away just yet New Zealand, another burst of bad weather is on its way.

MetService is forecasting an active front to hit the bottom of the South Island early tomorrow morning before moving rapidly up the country - bringing heavy downpours and possible thunderstorms in the coming days.

While West Coast residents try to recover from last weeks wild weather, MetService are warning further flooding and slippage is possible in the "already vulnerable area".

MetService meteorologist April Clark said the west coast of the South Island was due to get short but heavy dose of rain tomorrow morning.


"Heavy rain warning and watches are already out for this front with the largest accumulations of 100-150mm forecast for the ranges south of Otira, which is the southern part of Fiordland," Clark said.

She said those numbers were nowhere near as much as last week but given those areas were already vulnerable people were advised to take extra care and keep an eye out.

"Flooding is certainly possible, river levels are expected to rise, poor visibility on the roads and all that stuff still applies but just not over such a long period of time.

"That's mainly because the front is moving a lot faster so will have moved away from the South Island by the end of the morning," Clark said.

Buckets of rain and possible of thunderstorms were expected to hit Auckland in the late afternoon to early evening.

Given the bad weather was due to hit Auckland around a peak traffic time, drivers were advised to take extra care.

A temperature drop was to follow the front, particularly in Christchurch and the East Coast of the North Island.

Maximum temperatures could drop as much as 10C, Clark said.


The gloomy weather was expected to settle later in the week but sporadic showers were still likely across the country.