It's not something you'd expect to see towards the end of a workday ... or any time at all for that matter.

At the highest point of the Lumley Centre in downtown Auckland, a daredevil stood 125-metres into the air as the wind blew around him around 5pm today

On the 39th floor of the nearby Vero Building, workers were shocked to see the adrenaline junkie standing on top of the pinnacle without support.

"One of the guys who was sitting by the window saw it and it caused quite a bit of commotion," one worker told the Herald.


He wasn't sure how long the person had been on top of the building but said he clambered down the ladder within a minute or two of them spotting him.

The daredevil on top of the Lumley Centre in Auckland. Photo / Supplied
The daredevil on top of the Lumley Centre in Auckland. Photo / Supplied

Located on Shortland St, the Lumley Centre boasts a height of 125 metres from the bottom to the top, with 29 total floors above ground.

"I'm surprised we spotted it," the worker said.

"Even watching it you were pretty nervous, having memories of those videos of the people on YouTube doing that."

In September last year, a member of the public scaled a crane on a building site in downtown Auckland.

A large crowd gathered around the site and witnesses told the Herald the man made it past the cabin and out onto the boom arm of the crane.

Police, Fire and Emergency New Zealand and St John were all called to the scene but shortly after the man scaled down the crane.