Claiming his son and daughter-in-law's weekly bacon and eggs is the reason he has made it to 100, Les Pilcher celebrated his 100th birthday at Eldon Lodge, Paraparaumu last week.

Working his whole life as a joiner, Les worked in the trade from the age of 14 until he retired at the age of 65.

Fitting out windows, making cabinets and using his tools to create all his own furniture, Les's son Jeff Pilcher said his father's greatest hobby throughout his life was working away in his garage creating things.

"He's a pretty reserved guy.


"He just liked to work away in his garage and make things.

"He made all his own furniture his whole life."

Les and his wife Phylis moved to Kāpiti from Lower Hutt around 35 years ago and Les has lived at Eldon Lodge for the past seven years after Phylis died in 2011.

With five children, six grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren, Les was kept busy during his birthday celebration reading cards from family members, along with a few special ones from the queen, prime minister, governor general and the minister for seniors, Tracey Martin.

Along with his son and daughter-in-law's bacon and eggs every Wednesday evening, Les credits the good care and staff at Eldon Lodge for his longevity.