A Twitter thread full of New Zealanders sharing their most memorable experiences with immigrants is brightening up social media as the country continues to mourn the victims of the Christchurch terror attack.

"I'd like to start a thread about awesome experiences with immigrants," Karen, from Auckland, posted on Twitter last Saturday.

"Here's one. I was accidentally locked out of the house after my 21st and had nowhere to go. It was 3am and I was drunk. I knocked on the door of my Tongan neighbour. They not only made me tea but an egg sammie," she added.

Her tweet sparked dozens of replies from fellow Kiwis with positive stories to share about their encounters with new migrants into the country.


"I lived next door to a couple from Afghanistan and they would always, ALWAYS bring me a platter of whatever was cooking because 1) I was too skinny and letting that go on would be doing a disservice to my mother (who they never met!) and 2) they missed having family to cook for," someone replied.

"My mother is 91 and her Iranian neighbours are always dropping in with food and to check she is OK. They are generous and kind-hearted. They came to my father's funeral in a Catholic Church to support our family," someone else said.

"I had a little shop owner from India close to my house when my parents were broke, she used to let them have an account for groceries, one day when I was a solo mum of three and I was paying my own account, she loaded frozen meals into my car and told me to tell my parents hello," another person shared.

A Twitter user recounted the time a Pakistani man drove him home to make sure he was safe:

"When I was 21, I was heading home from uni late, I left my wallet at home and my bus pass ran out because I didn't check. A man from Pakistan drove me home free to make sure I got home safe at 11pm which would have usually cost $70-$95 then."

"When I worked night shifts in a 24hr convenience store, a Turkish man used to bring me baklava and sometimes kebabs, (correctly) worried I didn't have enough money to feed myself. Iraqi taxi driver regular gave me free rides home a couple times during storms," another person said.

"Two of the kindest, most genuine men I ever met, and waved away my thanks, both saying that it is just how we should treat one another," the Twitter user added.