Hussein Moustafa had prayed in the same corner of the Masjid Al Noor Mosque since the family moved to Christchurch 20 years ago from Egypt.

He died among many of his best friends.

"They used to sit together and when I saw the video and saw the shooting in that corner I knew he was one of the victims," said his daughter, Arwa Moustafa.

It's just heartbreaking."


Hussein Moustafa had been an accountant, but since retiring spent much of his spare time at the mosque on Deans Ave in Christchurch.

The 70-year-old was an "active volunteer" there and visited it almost every day, his daughter told the Herald.

"He helped the non-Arabic speakers to learn Arabic and learn the Koran," she said.

"He was in the mosque just looking after it, he was just tidying up every day and making sure people were being looked after."

Growing up in Christchurch, the Al Noor Mosque was part of everyday life for the Moustafa family.

Arwa Moustafa now lives in the United States and both of her brothers have left New Zealand too, the youngest leaving Christchurch last month.

Hussein Moustafa and his wife had been living in Christchurch alone since then and his daughter said her mother is heartbroken.

Hussein Mustafa, right, with his son Mohamed. Photo supplied
Hussein Mustafa, right, with his son Mohamed. Photo supplied

The Egyptian ambassador has been to visit her and New Zealand Police have been very welcoming, kind and sensitive Arwa Moustafa said.


Her father has not been buried yet but decided before his death to be buried in New Zealand.

"My dad loved New Zealand. He considered New Zealand to be his home and he wanted to be buried there. I'm just glad he died at home. I take solace in knowing he died in his favourite place."